Gifts. The ones you want. The ones you want to give. And the ones you never thought you’d find. All in one place.


In Swedish ‘glimt’ means to catch a glimpse. To sparkle. To do something with a cheeky smile. Like that moment when you spot a gift that almost glistens it’s so right. And when you give it, you have to work hard not to wink. And when it’s opened you get a ‘Wow, this is brilliant’ rather than an ‘Oh, do you have the receipt?’

We reckon it should be like that every time you’re looking for something to give someone, no matter who it is. Fun to catch glimpses of things, exciting to give, wonderful to get it right. That’s what Glimt is all about. And why we’re searching the web for great ideas to suit all sorts of people. And all sorts of occasions.

Follow your nose

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Cheese, bikes, sewing, writing, climbing, yes, you name it

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