Beauty Tuesday – Investment beauty

Finding the products that are best suited for you and your needs is essential for creating the perfect beauty or grooming routine. Whether you prefer high end or high street, there are some products that are hailed as cult favourites, no matter how much they cost. For this week’s Beauty Tuesday, we took a look into the beauty buys that are on the more expensive end of the scale, but are well worth their hefty price tags.

With the beauty industry now worth over £2 billion in the UK, doing a little research first will help you from being drawn in by the bells and whistles of the first beautifully packaged serum you see. Even though certain ingredients and products are heralded by beauty experts and celebrities, it’s important to seek out what’s a passing fad and what will actually benefit your skin. Quality over quantity is key, with specially formulated ingredients improving your skin long term rather than purely masking any impurities, not to mention it’ll save you space in your bathroom.

You’ll get the most for your money by finding the right products that works with you, so start by investing in your base skincare or a signature scent when switching up your routine. By picking good quality products you know have been designed specifically for what you want, they’ll not only leave your skin reaping the rewards but could end up being your cult favourite for years to come.

When it comes to the price tag itself, although it may require a little wincing during the purchase, with highly concentrated formulas and ingredients, most higher end products are designed to make a little go a long way. By taking cost-per-wear into mind; one mask or fragrance will last you months meaning you get more bang for your buck compared to it’s cheaper sidekick. So if you are looking to mix it up and splurge on some higher end additions, we’ve picked out some beauty and grooming bits to get you on your way.

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