Beauty Tuesday – Multipurpose beauty

In this day and age we’re used to fast-fashion and everything at our fingertips, meaning our beauty and grooming bits now need to work as hard as we do. Whether you’re a low maintenance guy on the go or a girl looking to free up some space in her beauty stash, for this week’s Beauty Tuesday we’ve picked out some multipurpose products for a full body pamper.

Multitasking products are designed to give you more usage than your standard bottle and will not only help with reducing time when getting ready, but also save you a pretty penny or two. From formulations designed for use on all parts of the body to trusty makeup that will take you from day to night in minutes, these time savers will have you reaping the benefits with less extra additions.

When it comes to makeup, brands are steering their products more and more towards versatility. Whether it’s spontaneous drinks after work with the girls or a hot date you need to freshen up for, carrying around a few less beauty bits lightens your load whilst letting you update your makeup quickly and with ease. Start off your transition to a lighter beauty bag with a cult product that allows you to change up your face in a variety of ways and magically gives a completely different look depending on where you apply it.

Oils have taken the skincare world by storm and it’s no wonder when they can be incorporated into a variety of routines, from haircare, to skincare and even your cooking. If you’re looking to incorporate a natural alternative such as coconut oil or you’re opting for a multitasking marvel formulated for use all over the body, beauty oils are a lightweight way to quickly cleanse, moisturise and nourish with only one extra tube or bottle added to your collection. If you want to minimise your regimen even further, invest in a few nifty gadgets for the shower that you can whip all over your body and face for a fast cleanse and polish in seconds.

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