Beauty Tuesday – Superfood skincare

From spirulina to blueberries, the beauty world is shifting towards more natural skincare and although we’ve always been taught to get our five-a-day, the skin is often last to reap the benefits of this. So for this week’s Beauty Tuesday we took a look at the superfoods you can feed your skin with that you’ll not only find in your smoothies, but in your beauty and grooming products too.

Give your skin a super-boost with one of the most popular superfoods – avocado. Known for being high in naturally-good fats and whether you’re smashing it onto your toast or rubbing it into your face, it was one of the first superfoods to be used for beauty too and is high in Vitamin B3 which keeps moisture in and the nasties out.

If you are starting to notice a few fine lines or dullness, avocado also promotes collagen growth for plumped up skin. Or try incorporating spirulina into your diet or products, which due to it’s high protein source helps to promote cell renewal. If you don’t fancy going green and are looking for something a little bluer, blueberries are full of antioxidants which will clear the skin of any free radicals which can speed up ageing. These super-berries can also improve the firmness of your skin as the fine lines begin to appear, so you can get in there before the crows feet do.

If your approach is to get beauty from within, feed your body the good stuff with a nutrient-packed hit of maca powder, chia seeds or kale in your breakfast smoothie. Maca powder is known for reducing stress levels, boosting energy and was first used by Incan warriors. But if you don’t fancy the taste of kale or seeds in your juice, try applying them to your skin and nails instead. If you often notice a bit of breakage half way through your weekly manicure, try testing out a kale-infused nail polish which promotes growth by boosting the production of keratin. Who doesn’t want to watch people’s eyes pop when you say you’ve painted kale onto your fingertips too!

So whether you want to add a couple to your diet or to your routine, we’ve picked out the products below that’ll get you kickstarted on the road to saving your skin with superfoods.

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