The Lust List – Technology & gadgets

This year is set to be an exciting one with savvy wearables, drones and virtual reality innovations now available to a wider audience and at the top of every techies’ wish list. For this week’s Lust List, we’ve taken a look at a few recent releases and products that you can get that gadget hound to make things a little smarter.


When it comes to fitness, brands such as FitBit and TomTom have been showcasing wearable tech everywhere. The handy gadgets can be worn everyday to keep track of things such as sleep, movement and also during workouts to improve a gym buff’s performance. But if they don’t fancy always wearing something on their wrist, try a more subtle approach with a clippable device that works under clothing whilst being kept out of sight and mind. Similar to fitness technology, music and photography are becoming more functional while still maintaining a stylish edge. Pick up a pair of wireless Beats that are specially designed for that active person on the go without compromising on sound quality, or if that special someone loves to get snap happy instead then you’ll know they can’t resist a new piece of kit. Treat them to a new addition that’s heralded amongst bloggers and vloggers for amazing quality and value for money.


Drones have taken the world by storm with both budget-friendly designs and professional kit now available on the market. Take their tech obsession to the next level and invest in one of the best that can be enjoyed during work or play, whichever takes their fancy. Or get further involved in the world of gaming with an update to the iconic Xbox controller. It still includes all the trusty capabilities but now with even more enjoyable functions, such as wireless control and an immersive upgrade or two. When it comes to smart accessories, wearables aren’t just for fitness, with smartwatches coming to the forefront of the fashion and technology era. Give their wearable a charging buddy with an on-trend piece that’ll juice up their Apple Watch whilst adding a sophisticated and minimal edge to any bedside table or desk.


Whether it’s everyday fuss-free appliances or technology that’ll change the way you experience movies and games, the home is quickly becoming more and more savvy. Smart gadgets are coming to the forefront for nearly every type of function, from simplistic clocks that’ll ensure you’re always on time to ingenious kitchen essentials that provide in-toast entertainment and the perfect breakfast every morning. Virtual Reality is being heralded as a necessity when it comes to immersive experiences and is now living room friendly with releases such as Oculus Rift. If you know a technology buff that is desperate to get their hands on a piece of the action, just watch their eyes light up in front of you when they open up one of the latest state of the art headsets.

If you’re still after one or two nifty gadgets, we’ve created a whole collection of toys for big kids that’ll have any adult unleashing their inner techie.

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